Consensus-Algorithm­­s & Modernising Legacy Applications

Consensus-Algorithms explained for mere mortals

Paxos and Raft might sound like old greek philosophers, but they are actually very important algorithms that make complex distributed systems possible. In the first talk of this evening, Titus from Container Solutions will explain why consensus algorithms are so essential, how they work, where you'll find them in the real world, and how they could be useful for your own software problems.

Getting ready for the future with legacy applications

Running several business critical applications for more than 10 years is a great thing. But we aim for more. In order to get ready for the next 10 years, we are transforming our sprawling monolith into several smaller applications. Our customers demand for more flexibility and cost savings through standardization and reuse of components. In tonights second talk, Philipp from Astina is giving some insights on how to tackle those challenges in practice.

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