Digital Strategy and UX Meetup Geneva

Hello Meetup Members,

After our look at digital at large organizations, we will look at the other end of the scale, and bring back a little startup focus. With spring in the air, the sun will still be shining when our speakers start talking about the below topics:

Fintech startup "izi"

Stock investments are serious, reserved for the big players, and not for just anyone to start with. Right? Wrong! At least that's what the founders of "izi"​ think. Hear how this Fintech startup is linking current digital trends with financial markets.

We'll have Stanislas Laurent presenting "izi"​. Stan is a Fintech product specialist, who likes to challenge the approach to finances not just with this product, but also his Fintech Meetup.

App store optimization

You put a lot of effort into finding your product idea. You invested in development. Tested the hell out of the app. Pushed it to the app store. Aaand.... nothing. People don't download your app... Sounds like a nightmare, doesn't it? Norbert Racsko has tried and tested many practices around app store optimization, and will tell us about what works. And what doesn't.

Norbert was one of our first speakers at our Meetup, and I'm glad to have him back on stage. He is ex-P&G, ex-HP, and he co-founded Swiss Tomato 3 years ago with his brother. Swiss Tomato is specialized in app development and was among the top agencies on Best of Swiss Apps and Best of Swiss Web / Mobile category.

How branding manifests

I bet you have at least one friend or colleague who believes branding is bullsh*t. But that’s just because it often is. We will look at some real-world examples of how to make branding efforts be more than a just a vanity project, and actually be transferred to people's minds.

Peter Horvath is the organizer of this Meetup series, and appears on stage every now and again. His experience spans agency, consultancy, corporate and startup, around digital communication and products.

Hope to see you there! Peter

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