a Californian guest; offline-online tracking; stories of engagement

Summer is upon us, but we'll squeeze another Meetup in before we retire into the sunshine. And I'm proud to say, this may be our strongest lineup yet: a CEO as guest speaker from California; stories of digital engagement from international organizations; and a demonstration of online-offline tracking.

Only way this could get better, is if there was also apéro. (Spoiler alert: there will be an apéro.) I can hardly wait to see you there, and hear these talks.

Our topics and speakers:

How Visual Cognition tech is changing our world - a presentation straight from California

Technology is the just the seed - the real treasure lies in the use cases it enables. Image recognition is no different. The Californian visual cognition tech startup CloudSight knows this, and are using their patented technology for a plethora of solutions - to make the world more accessible, to drastically simplify ecommerce, to help you understand the world around you and search the physical world, and many more.

It is hard to oversell this talk. CloudSight was an early mover, to whom Google is just playing catch-up. Featured by Apple, Forbes, TechCrunch, Venture Beat, BBC, Times (and the list goes on), this startup and their solutions will be introduced by the co-founder and CEO Brad Folkens, who is visiting Geneva only for a few days. Don't miss this one.

The sane and insane about digital engagement

A conversation about successes and failures on building large-scale online communities and mildly crazy attempts to get organizations to digital-first thinking and execution.

Fernando Zarur is a seasoned communicator, expert in digital strategy and innovation. He has just joined UNICEF, worked for WWF and the Internet Society.

User tracking across devices, platforms, online and offline

For many, this is a scary side-effect of our digital world - but as digital professionals, this is also our lifeblood. It's also the focus of Synerise, a company building "the next generation marketing cloud". At least that's what Satya Nadella, Microsoft's CEO is saying about them. And Monika Ambrozowicz will not just tell us, but also show us how all the data from online tracking, offline beacons, and their kin come together.

Monika has community management, marketing and growth experience under her belt. And importantly, she is a returning speaker, who has been with our Meetup community from the very early days.

See you soon, Peter Horvath

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