Solving the hard problems of single-page apps incrementally with Vue.js

by Raphaël Saunier, Software Developer from Lausanne

Vue.js distils the most useful ideas from frameworks such as React, Ember, Angular, and Polymer to provide a simple, cohesive, and incrementally adoptable toolset which you can use to solve many of the challenges that arise when building SPAs. Standing on the shoulders of Webpack, it is also at the forefront of the latest innovations in code-splitting and server-side rendering.

In this talk, Raphaël will show you why Vue.js remains one of the most hyped JavaScript libraries of the moment and how it could help you in upcoming projects.

Amongst other things, you’ll learn how to:

  • Get started with Vue.js and include it to enhance legacy applications with no build process whatsoever
  • Split up your components into .vue files and pick your weapon of choice for templating (HTML, pug) scripting (Babel, TypeScript, CoffeeScript), and styling (SASS, LESS, Stylus)
  • Use Vuex to add modularised and asynchronous state management with little ceremony
  • Inspect your component tree and travel back in time to previous states with its devtools extension
  • Prototype individual components and scaffold entire applications with vue-cli
  • Bring in painless routing that is easy to reason about with vue-router
  • Add animations, transitions, and isolated styles to your components
  • Implement code-splitting and server-side rendering for better initial load performance and SEO

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