After Work Talk: Neural Machine Translation

The next CLS After Work Talk will feature Jay Marciano on “Neural Machine Translation: the future has begun.”

Neural MT is impacting the translation industry more than any other business area.

Jay Marciano is an old hand in the field, who knows what he’s talking about. He is an expert in language technologies, machine translation and artificial intelligence. What’s more, he is a captivating speaker who will take us on an exciting journey.

Jay will start his talk by explaining the basics of neural machine translation, or NMT.

He will then show what NMT is all about, why NMT is more accurate than previous technologies, and how NMT will revolutionise the industry.

He will finish by taking a look at the future of translation: what will work look like for translators going forward? What role will software development have in this transformation? How can language services providers ensure that they do not get left behind?

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