UNIFR Talk - Large-scale systems are a commodity: Stop building infrastructure

Speaker: Dr. Evan Jones, Bluecore, New York, USA


Large-scale infrastructure software has been become a commodity product thanks to cloud computing. If you need to serve a million requests a second or store a petabyte of data, you just need a few clicks and a credit card. A decade ago, these tasks would have taken a team of people and a significant engineering effort. The result is a significant decrease in the time and cost of deploying large scale services. In this talk, I'll argue why I think the cloud giants are going to dominate systems infrastructure for the foreseeable future, and discuss some areas where I think there are opportunities for researchers to have real-world impact. I will discuss how Bluecore, a growing e-commerce startup, uses the cloud platforms and where they fall short.


Evan Jones is a software engineer at Bluecore, an e-commerce marketing startup in New York that spends over a million dollars a year with one of the cloud giants. Previously, he worked at Twitter and Google, started a failed startup, and completed a PhD studying databases at MIT.

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