First swissFronteers gathering

Join us on May 19th 19:19 at DIVIO for the first swissFronteers gathering. Everyone is welcome to join, just confirm your attendance on facebook so we know who will participate. We start with a small apéro at 19:00 followed by an introduction speech at 19:19 and a social gathering after the talks.

The topic for the first swissFronteers gathering is set: Frontend mobile development won with 2/3 of the consolidated votes over frontend tools and frontend frameworks. There is no slot left for speech submissions. Anyone can apply, just contact us via facebook (Angelo Dini or Martin Bommeli) and submit your proposal and desired slot/time.

19:20 Introduction Martin Bommeli 19:40 Mobile Best Practice Matthias Jäggli 20:00 Responsive Design Angelo Dini 20:20 Mobile Frameworks Nicolas Schudel 20:40 A step ahead Angelo Dini

Each talk will take approx. 20 minutes (consisting 15 minutes presentation and 5 minutes questioning). The official end will be at 22:00.

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