Webmardi - Debian — A primer for web developers


The Universal Operating System — Debian is mostly known for being the 25 years' old Linux distribution that powers the ISS laptops. How relevant is it nowadays for web developers?

This talk will cover both the technical aspects of the Debian Operating System as well as the social aspects of the Debian project, with a focus on how these aspects matter for web development, for the deployment of web projects as well as the longer term operation of web project instances.

In a world of clic-ready as-a-Service offers, what is the Debian projects' added value today? What are the problems uniquely solved by the Debian OS, and how? How can I interact with the Debian OS, and how can I interact with the Debian community?


Didier 'OdyX' Raboud
Debian Member and Technical Committee member

*the presentation will be held in english or french depending on the audience

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