World Usability Day 2018 Geneva by Telono

World Usability Day was founded by the User Experience Professionals’ Association (UXPA) to ensure that the services and products that are so important in everyday life are easier to access and more simple to use – an event which Telono has been a proud sponsor of since 2006!

This year, the theme is "UX Design for good or evil".


"Introduction: UX Design for Evil?" by Florian Egger (Managing Director - Telono)


"Design for Global Good in Public Health" by Isabelle Wachsmuth (Project Manager, Innovation for Service Delivery and Quality, Universal Health Coverage - World Health Organization)

The importance of public health for public good is absolutely critical to encapsulate the dimensions of human and ecosystem health as well as their interrelationships. Health for All has been a major social goal of all nations since it was adopted by the World Health Assembly in 1977 - but what is the level of implementation today? Sustainable development has become a major goal for many nations since the publication of the Brundtland Report (the guiding principle for sustainable development as it is generally understood today) in 1987. How do these global movements and their national and local manifestations impact design of solutions for good?

"Design for Good: Are we building an abundant economy?" by Helga Stegmann (CEO - Mantaray, South African UX agency)

With big problems come big audacious ideals: can good design change the world? Designing for good is even more critical today than it has ever been. Helga will dive into what is happening on the African continent, delving into the market few people understand and showing where good design is making an impact on people’s lives in a real way and leap-frogging over problems giving a different perspective. This is a good news story; in solving Africa’s problems, could we be solving some of the world’s biggest concerns, in an abundant and interesting way?

Drinks & Networking

Have a drink on us and mingle with Geneva's UX scene!

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