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Today your company may be facing demands for new products and services, including self-service sites and integration with third party applications. Competitive factors drive new requirements. Frequently an IT organization’s ability to rapidly respond to these new business challenges is severely limited by the current architecture and years of evolution of existing applications. To adopt an effective application modernization approach, you must first overcome some of the challenges affecting your IT organization, including: Building IT delivery solutions needed to create and integrate existing applications with Web 2.0 interfaces Enabling existing and new IT staff to leverage modern architectures and technologies Reducing application development silos by enhancing team collaboration and productivity with modern tools Redirecting some application maintenance dollars from legacy applications to new development Modern software development tools can help enable your development team to extend or modularize current applications for reuse in creating new services and Web applications. As you examine these approaches, consider the social and business impact of Web 2.0 and rich user interface implementations on your application development process.

Event highlights EGL Rich UI technology preview, demonstrations and hands-on exercises using the following software tools: Rational Developer for i Rational Developer for i for SOA Construction with EGL Rational Host Access Transformation Services Rational Team Concert for i

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