IBM developerWorks - IBM WebSphere ILOG JRules 7 Business Rule Management Systems workshop

This 2-day no-charge, instructor-led workshop introduces the IBM WebSphere ILOG JRules 7 Business Rule Management System. It will provide a high level overview of all components in ILOG JRules 7 (covering the developer and business users tools). Attendees will work directly with ILOG JRules 7 components through hands-on exercises. You can learn about ILOG JRules architecture and experience all the major tools in the suite: Rule Studio, Rule Team Server, Rule Solution for Office, and Decision Validation Services. After completion of this workshop, you should have a good understanding of the ILOG JRules offering and understand benefits of ILOG Business Rules technologies. You will be able to identify tools that apply to specific profile of users and determine the rule integration that fits their requirements. This workshop is intended for new clients, existing clients and IBM Business Partners who want to learn about the ILOG JRules 7 Business Rule Management System and how it fulfills the IBM portfolio. The audience could include directors, managers, business analysts, IT architects and IT specialists. No particular knowledge of ILOG JRules is required. Event highlights ILOG JRules key features, benefits and architecture Hands-on exercises that let you practice using the tools Building a complete business rule application

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