Webtuesday: MongoDB at Doodle & Swiss Open Source Awards

This is a special event beginning early but continuing with food, drinks, an award show and ending with even more drinks.

 MongoDB: lessons learned at Doodle

There has been a lot of “noise” about so-called NoSQL databases in recent times. And with all the promises made by the different database vendors, Doodle could not resist the temptation either. Doodle now uses MongoDB, an open source, high-performance, schema-free, document-oriented database.

Malte Schiebelmann, Software Engineer at Doodle, will talk about MongoDB and the NoSQL lessons learned at Doodle.

 Swiss Open Source Awards

The Swiss Open Source Awards are quickly becoming an institution in our industry, bringing our -often hidden- champions into the limelight. At the 2011 award ceremony, right after the Webtuesday talk, there's going to be high-speed presentations by the nominees, just three minutes each, followed by the verdict of the honorable hacker jury in the categories "Community", "Business" and "Youth".

Before the show there'll be an aperitif, afterwards some FreeBeer will have to be taken care of.

25 people are attending this meetup

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