JSZurich - Javascript testing with QUnit and PhantomJS

Javascript testing with QUnit and PhantomJS


It's the testing framework of jQuery. The first part will show it's easy use. Thanks to JQuery it's easy to extend too. I will show some examples we used to test our JavaScript.


PhantomJS is a headless WebKit Browser with a power full JavaSript API. Compared to other solution for running tests, it is fast and supports various web standarts out of the box. With some customization it can output JUnit XML and can be integrated to CI systems.

PhantomJS logo

Besides of JavaScript testing it can do some other nice stuff:

  • scraping websites and
  • rasterizing content.

Hope you get inspired to do cool stuff with it :-)

Patrick Jezek, Software Engineer at L//p will share his passion about JavaScript and testing.

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