"jQuery Mobile: multiplatform mobile webapps" - by Maximiliano Firtman!

Mobile development is here. Everyone needs apps and mobile websites.

Here comes jQuery Mobile, an easy to use, standard and open sourced framework that allow us to create mobile apps in minutes. Compatible with iOS, Android, webOS, Symbian, Windows Phone BlackBerry and optimized for smartphones and tablets, this framework is ideal for any web designer or developer who wants to create mobile experiences.

With this framework, we can create browser-based experiences and webapps and also native apps compiled using hybrids techniques. Therefore, it’s perfectly compatible with store publishing, such as Apple AppStore, Android Market, HP AppCatalog, RIM AppWorld and Nokia’s Ovi Store.

In this session, we will cover:

  • The mobile ecosystem today
  • What is the problem with standards and platforms
  • HTML5 Mobile overview
  • jQuery Mobile and why you don’t need to know jQuery to use it.
  • Creating our webapps using HTML5 standard code
  • Relation between jQuery Mobile and native webapps (hybrids) such as PhoneGap
  • Samples

Max Firtman is a mobile+web developer, trainer, speaker and writer. He is Nokia Developer Champion, Adobe Community Champion and founder of ITMaster Professional Training. He wrote many books, including "Programming the Mobile Web" published by O'Reilly Media and the upcoming book "jQuery Mobile: Up and Running". He has a blog about mobile web development at http://www.mobilexweb.com/ and he maintains the website http://www.mobilehtml5.org/. He is a frequent speaker at conferences, including OSCON, Breaking Development Velocity Conference, Google Developer Day, Nokia Developer Days, Campus Party Europe and many other events around the world. He has received different recognitions, including Nokia Developer Champion yearly since 2006; Adobe Community Champion in 2011, and a Google recognition for being one of the most innovative mobile developers.

This event is brought to you jointly by Invisible GmbH and akosma software, sponsored by /ch/open and hosted at Hub Zürich.

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