IBM Rational AppScan Family: Integrating Web application testing into development

To stay ahead of hackers and protect sensitive data, security teams need to understand how vulnerabilities in applications are exposed and exploited by cyber criminals for profit. Learn the fundamentals of hacking, how to find Web application vulnerabilities through a combination of manual and automated approaches, and what to do when a vulnerability has been identified.

Web application security issues continue to be a top priority. The only real solution is to build security into Web applications. Secure coding practices and developer security tools help to preempt these issues through early discovery. This workshop will show you how to use the IBM Rational AppScan portfolio to help achieve your security goals. Event highlights

This workshop highlights the following products, technologies and offerings:

* The importance of Web application security—today's most significant online threat
* Using AppScan Standard edition
* Using AppScan Source edition
* Black box versus white box scanning
* Building secure software

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