DB2 performance tuning and monitoring clinic

This clinic is a series of distinctly focused presentations and labs with how-tos and best practices. It is for IBM Business Partners and customers. You can learn how to maintain a healthy and robust DB2 based information management system.

Attend this event and discover:

* How to gather critical system resource information
* Best practices for database design
* How to start with a strong foundation using good configurations for optimal performance
* How to configure and use new monitoring Table Functions and event monitors
* Performance metrics to monitor and collection methods
* Monitoring interfaces and tools that are available with your DB2 installation
* How to diagnose DB2 activities that may be causing system bottlenecks
* How to find and identify locking issues
* How to improve concurrency with new currently committed isolation level
* How to capture and tune SQL queries
* Best practices for performance enhancing utilities (runstats and reorg)
* How to mitigate the impact of utilities, like backup, reorg, and runstats on your database system

Event highlights

* Introduction to new monitoring framework and other performance enhancing features included with DB2 9.7
* Hands-on interactive labs to configure, monitor, and tune DB2
* How to diagnose performance problems related to system bottlenecks, associate bottlenecks to related DB2 activities, and tuning solutions


Attendees must have an intermediate understanding of database management systems and their common components, preferably DB2. Prior participation in DB2 9.7 boot camp is recommended.

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