IBM Cognos Business Intelligence workshop

Learn about IBM Cognos 10 in this workshop. Get a high level overview of all the components through lectures and hands-on exercises.

During the workshop, you will:

* Get an overview of IBM Smarter Planet and Business Analytics
* Get an overview of the Cognos 10 portfolio and its capabilities
* Use Cognos tools to create dashboards, dynamic reports and disconnected reports, and to conduct analysis and data exploration
* Understand various integration points
* Build a metadata foundation to fit business analysts and business intelligence needs
* Explore Cognos administration tasks and preview migration tasks from Cognos 8 to Cognos 10

Event highlights

* Cognos architecture and major components of Cognos Business Intelligence
* Cognos 10 and corporate performance management offering
* Tools apply to which business reporting needs to perform efficient business intelligence and performance management


New clients, existing clients, and IBM Business Partners who want to learn about Cognos 10. Directors, managers, business analysts, IT architects and IT specialists may also attend. Knowledge of Cognos is not required.

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