Webtuesday: AliceJS: A Lightweight Independent CSS Engine

AliceJS: A Lightweight Independent CSS Engine

AliceJS is a new, experimental project started by Research In Motion® (RIM®) to exploit hardware accelerated graphics for web applications using CSS3 2D and 3D facilities. It is a micro JavaScript® library focused on creating fun, useful animations around web page elements (DIVs) using a single line of JavaScript code. This session introduces the framework, discusses how it was built and looks at some of its innovative aspects such as Organics - automated randomization to give animations a more organic non-repetitive feel. We'll show a simple, concrete HTML5 game that makes use of these techniques and discuss how those same effects are also relevant to business applications.


Laurent Hasson is the Technical Director responsible for driving strategy, architecture, open source and community relationships around RIM's Web Platform. He joined RIM in the Spring 2010 and has been focused on the WebKit browser, WebWorks, Ripple, and recently, experimental projects such as AliceJS. Before that, he was at IBM for 14 years, working on enterprise Web projects such as eCommerce, Web frameworks and tooling, Search and Social Software, and participating in open source strategies in the company. Laurent has been deep in web technologies since the mid 90's and is an avid JavaScript/HTML/CSS, Java and SQL developer for both Desktop and Mobile. He codes every day, watches at least one movie a day, often writes about them, and he has funny hair.


local.ch has agreed to host us at their offices right next to the main station.

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