Quality driven software delivery: Achieving greater value and performance from software and systems investments

Quality software delivery has never been more critical to businesses and their survival. In today’s economy, CIOs need to delicately balance the drive toward business transformation with the management of business risk. Requirements change often, projects fall behind schedule, costs are scrutinized, but quality must improve or businesses fold. This seemingly impossible task is forcing software delivery teams to think outside the box, examine new development approaches, and challenge historically dominant methods.

Attend this workshop to learn how IBM Rational products can help you to enable:

  • Collaboration: To drive organizational consensus on priorities and improve workforce productivity by streamlining communication and data sharing
  • Automation: To lower costs and improve quality by automating work flows
  • Reporting: To continuously improve by measuring progress against desired business outcomes

Event highlights:

  • How modern software delivery teams can enable quality management throughout the lifecycle and detect defects early while reducing cost and improving credibility
  • How constant communication via a common and well understood set of requirements and quick responses to changes in the requirements can infuse quality into software development right from the start
  • The role of diligent governance in build and test execution processes to correct courses and allocate resources that can help organizations become more flexible, address compliance regulations, react faster to changing marketplace conditions, and drive business growth

The target audience includes testers, software architects, developers, and project managers.

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