jQuery Mobile / Sencha - Developing "native" mobile Apps with HTML/JS

Are you interested in learning how to develop mobile web application in HTML5, jQuery Mobile, Sencha Touch and Phonegap. Application that run "natively" on your mobile devices.


We will hold the first training in Zurich, November 15. to 17.

Topics include:

  • HTML5 / CSS3
  • Understanding the differences between jQuery Mobile / Sencha Touch and when to use which framework
  • Building an application with local storage in either of these frameworks (or both, if you are sharp)
  • Building a "native" app for iOS and Android
  • Best practices
  • … Much more

Held by Adrian Kosmaczewski (http://akosma.com) and Jens-Christian Fischer (http://invisible.ch)

Early bird pricing until October 24th, only CHF 1400, after that CHF 1650 for three days, packed with information and hands on training.

Thanks ! http://fixithere.net/o2-customer-services/

Price: CHF 1650

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