GOTO Night: Scrum;

Fredi Schmidli

As announced at the last GOTO Night, Fredi Schmidli will give a talk about soft factors and their relation to Scrum. Topics will be among others: Why are people acting in a certain way, how to find out the true reason behind somebody’s behaviour, how to win people instead of forcing them. Based on this Fredi Schmidli will discuss the prerequisites of successful Scrum like transparency, trust, teamwork, reliability, commitment and self-responsibility.

Jeff Sutherland

After the presentation we will change over to the Q&A session where you will have the possibility to ask questions to the Co-Founder of Scrum Jeff Sutherland. Jeff will lead his last Scrum Master course in Switzerland in 2011 from 7-8 November.

4 people are attending this meetup

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