JBUG Neuchatel - Infinispan, the Java Open Source data grid platform

Infinispan is an open source caching and data grid platform from Red Hat. In this talk, Galder will provide a beginners guide to Infinispan, touching on the key problems that Infinispan solves such as the need to cache data (Data Caching) or using Infinispan as an authoritative source of data (Data Grid). Via these use cases, Galder will explain the differences between accessing Infinispan in-memory or remotely, and the APIs (Map and JSR-107) and programming models (CDI) available to the user. This talk will not only discuss how to store or retrieve data, but also how to query it via Lucene queries, or using Infinispan's own Map/Reduce functions. Finally, the talk will finish with a brief look at Hibernate OGM which provides a higher level API for interacting with Infinispan based data grids. Data grids are relatively new and so to help the audience understand them well, this presentation will contain easy-to-understand explanations and some live demos will be shown.

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