Create magical apps and engage your audience using YouTube and its APIs

If your usage of the YouTube platform is limited to occasionally pasting embed codes in your blog, then you are missing out. YouTube today is much more than just a video hosting site. Using Google Data APIs and YouTube Player APIs, developers can harness the power of world’s most popular video destination to build new and innovative applications.

In this session, we will provide an overview of the YouTube API's, including uploading, sharing, searching and customized video playback capabilities. We will also drill into an example open source application - YouTube Direct - and discuss its App Engine-based design and implementation as well as YouTube Direct's mobile clients for Android and the iPhone. Since YouTube is a great channel for promoting your product/application, we will go over several elements of YouTube's design language to help you develop great content for YouTube.

We'll wrap up with examples and demos of application trends with a focus on curation, recommendations, sharing and several interesting applications in mobile, social, and gaming. Learn how to get the most out of YouTube, where 48 hours of video are uploaded each minute, and over 3 billion videos are viewed every day.

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