Webtuesday: Joiz - Redefining Television

Zürich-based Joiz is an ambitious attempt at redefining television, making it an inherently social medium. They've been building an entirely new concept of what TV could be, aiming at all screens from your mobile to the big screen in your living room, providing an experience integrated with the web and with platforms from Skype to Facebook. The technology enabling such an experience must not only be highly flexible (this being an experiment after all) but also scalable (this is mass media) and deal with the realtime nature of the medium (live participatory online TV).

Joiz is offering Webtuesday a unique peek behind the curtain, presenting the vision and architecture as well as stories from the trenches in building the platform with a state-of-the-art toolbox containing Symfony2, socket.io, Wowza, YUI - and quite some more. We'll be hearing about the challenges they met, the lessons they learned and the goals they'll be targeting next.

Speakers: Peter Schulz is the CTO at Joiz, making sure all parts fit together. Lukas Kahwe Smith is a well-respected member of the international PHP community and was part of the Liip team that helped build Joiz.

The host, upc cablecom, will have a mini-presentation in which they'll break the record for the fastest internet connection right then and there.

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