IBM Cognos Business Intelligence

Cognos 10 BI workshop is a free two-days instructor led informational workshop introducing the IBM Cognos 10 Business Intelligence Suite. It will provide a high level overview of all components in Cognos 10 BI (covering the studios and the modeling tools). In addition, attendees will work directly with Cognos 10 components through hands-on exercises. The workshop will end with a migration path from previous versions.

The workshop is organized in the following way: - Provide an overview of Cognos platform and components. - Attendees will be asked to be a report consumer, meaning they will build business reports in the same way a business analyst produces reports using the various Studios available from Cognos. - As a Business Analyst, attendees will experience the integration of Cognos with the Microsoft Office tools and will also experience building enhanced dashboards. - Once attendees have endorsed the roles of report consumer and report producer, they will experience the data architect role building a metadata foundation to suite business analysts BI needs. - Participants will learn about various IBM OLAP capabilities that can be used within Cognos. - Attendees will finish hands-on exercises exploring some Cognos administration tasks..

Event highlights: This workshop includes the following: - Attendees will gain hands-on experience on various Cognos studios to author reports. - Attendees will walk away with a good knowledge of Cognos architecture and the entire platform. - After completion attendees will have a good understanding of the Cognos 10 Business Intelligence and Corporate Performance Management offering. They should know which specific product(s) apply to which business reporting needs in order to perform efficient BI and Performance Management.

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