.NET Usergroup Bern: SOLID Code

Wir freuen uns, einen weiteren Event der .NET User Gruppe Bern durchzuführen. Gast dieses Mal ist Simone Chiaretta, ein in Belgien lebender Software Architekt, Microsoft MVP, ASPInsider, Subtext Core Mitglied und Autor des Wrox Buchs "Beginning ASP.NET MVC 1.0". Er wird am 9. Dezember einen Vortrag zu SOLID Code in Englischer Sprache halten.

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There are 5 principles that if strictly followed make you write good code: they are called SOLID principles. But it is difficult to measure what is good code: in this session we will have a look at these SOLID principles and see more practically how to make sure our code is good code. In particular we will have a look at the probably more common and more easy to apply among these principles, the Dependency Inversion Principle.

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