BPM Workshop

Websphere Business Process Manager v7.5 provides a unified business process management (BPM) environment for collaborative process improvement. Suited to design and then to implement business processes exhibiting a high degree of end user involvement and frequent changes within a single, unified environment for process design, execution, monitoring, and optimization.

Attending this workshop, participants will gain a broader understanding of features and functions of the Process Designer, the Process Center and the Process Server (running BPMN, running Business Rules and monitoring Business Processes). Through a series of technical presentations and hands-on exercises, they will build, deploy, run and monitor a fully functional BPM Process Application. Optionally, skilled participants will implement database and Web Services integration within their processes.

WebSphere Business Process Manager version Express and Standard implementation and administration including:

  • Create a process using Lombardi Authoring Environment.
  • Create Coach in Lombardi Authoring Environment, add custom HTML
  • Explore Process Portal, Scoreboards for managers & non managers.
  • Start a simulation and optimize a process using the guided optimization.
  • Call an external web-service and manage the result.
  • Execute a SQL request on a external database and manage the result.
  • How to design Process Rules
  • Discover the Business Process Definition routing

Event highlights: This workshop will highlight the following products, technologies and offerings: - Learn how to manage all aspects of your BPM program to enable rapid expansion and adoption throughout your organization by using different features and to get associated benefits. - To create an executable process from scratch and to complete it. - To code data-types and user interfaces - Simulate a process to optimize it using guides. - Discover the process portal and scoreboards. - Discover the paradigm of Process Center. - [optional ] To integrate a process with different external systems such as database and web-services. - [optional ] To use process rules to make decisions based on value of data.

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