TEDxLausanne 2012

TEDxLausanne 2012

The future doesn’t just happen. People all over the world are shaping and influencing our lives, sometimes in ways we never imagined. Many are focused on creating a better future for our planet. Who are some of these people? What are they doing? And what can we learn from them? Join us for an event where visionary individuals from fields as varied as business, the arts, technology, science and journalism, all dedicating their lives to making a difference, will inspire us with exceptional talks.

TEDxLausanne will take place on January 20, 2012 at IMD. It is an event about passion, innovation and perseverance. And about ideas worth spreading…

We invite you to become part of this unique experience. To apply, click here.

Price: CHF 75

5 people are attending this meetup

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