Arquillian - a fresh look at enterprise testing.

Speaker: Bartosz Majsak, Cambridge Technology Partners

Test your components in a realistic environment

We all know that unit tests are great, but relying only on them is most of the times just an illusion of safety. Eventually we need to verify how our components are interacting or whether running in the target environment does not end up with some unexpected behaviour. Last but not least it all amounts to whether your application is providing the end user what he or she is really expecting.

Not so long ago running in-container integration tests was a challenging task and required a well thought process as a part of the automated build. Nowadays we are equipped with a "Swiss Army knife" for almost any aspect of testing. Along this journey in the world of testing we will take a closer look at Arquillian, testing framework from JBoss, which hides complexity of testing Java EE applications by managing your runtime, abstracting out deployment process and allowing you to focus on real test logic.

In the first part I will explain what Arquillian is, how it can make our lives easier and bring back the fun in writing tests! We will also see that Arquillian ecosystem is way more than just integration testing. We will have a look at available extensions and learn how to write functional tests in BDD manner using Groovy and Arquillian with Selenium/WebDriver extension.

During second part of the talk we will focus on extending Arquillian and learn how to:

* Give your test classes new capabilities.
* Hook custom logic into the test lifecycle.
* Manipulate the deployment process.
* Integrate Arquillian with other testing frameworks.

LANGUAGE: Talk: en / Slides: en

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