An Integrated Approach to Risk Management using OpenPages

OpenPages solution provides a method to automate the processes of identifying, measuring, monitoring, analysing, reporting, controlling and providing assistance to mitigate and manage operational risk. This is achieved by integrating all risk data in a central repository for control assessments, loss events, key risk indicators, and issue/action plan management. All leveraging a core, shared-services and open architecture. The workshop will introduce OpenPages, its functionality and delve deeper into each of the 5 pillars of the product:

  • Operational Risk Management (ORM):Out-of-the-box and fully integrated key risk indicators (KRI), loss event and RCSA reporting, to provide an enterprise-wide view of risk across the business and manage Basel II AMA compliance
  • General Compliance Management (GCM): Integrated solution for reducing the complexity of complying with numerous industrial, ethics, privacy and government regulatory mandates
  • IT Governance (ITG): Enables organizations to manage IT risk and compliance by centrally monitoring and assessing the overall effectiveness of IT investments, and adopt best practices in IT governance with process-centric and policy-driven controls)
  • Financial Controls Management (FCM): Automated assessment and testing processes to standardize and manage SOX compliance testing and controls enterprise-wide
  • Internal Audit Management: Provides auditors with a configurable view into organizational GRC
  • Customer Case Studies

This workshop will give attendees a high level overview of IBM OpenPages together with some hands-on experience using the product.

Events highlights

This workshop highlights the following products, technologies and offerings:

-Operational Risk Management (ORM) -General Compliance Management (GCM) -IT Governance (ITG) -Financial Controls Management (FCM) -Internal Audit Management (IAM)

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