IBM WebSphere DataPower SOA Appliance

This one-day workshop provides a hands-on experience for those needing to understand how WebSphere® DataPower® appliances can help ease and accelerate the deployment of enterprise SOA implementations. The labs demonstrate a broad spectrum of functionality, allowing students to see first hand how WebSphere DataPower is configured for various security and integration scenarios. Students will gain an understanding of how WebSphere DataPower appliances fit into network topologies, as well as what functionality the device provides and how it’s configured.

The objective of this session is to provide participants with a hands-on experience creating and testing configurations that demonstrate a variety of scenarios that are common in SOA implementations.

Events highlights

This workshop highlights the following products, services and technologies:

Working with XML
Securing XML Message Content
Protecting Web Services
Federation using SAML (optional)
WebSphere MQ and Transformation Extender Integration
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