Potential and Practicalities of IoT & Energy

IoT will have a very important role in our increased understanding of energy use and efficient energy management. The end-to-end system -- from the point of energy production, through transmission, storage, delivery to energy consuming devices, and our management of those devices in homes, public, government or commercial properties -- can be monitored and then improved. Improvement, in this case, may be simply to better reflect our values about energy consumption, or to reduce waste (energy waste or wasted money).

As blogger Katie Fehrenbacher on Gigaom points out, Internet of Things intersects with "smart grid" and clean tech topics and there are many young and interesting companies and projects working day and night at this intersection.

At this meetup you will hear from experts about some exciting IoT projects that focus precisely on these applications. Our guest speakers will include:

Miguel Rodriguez, Director of R&D, Aizo AG will share and show us the digitalSTORM technology

Tobias Graml, BEN Energy AG (invited)

Markus Weiss, PowerPedia (invited)

After the presentations from (and demos by) our speakers, we will have time for casual networking among group members with beverages and snacks.

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