GOTO Night: Scrum;

Jeff Sutherland: Why you should use Scrum

Jeff Sutherland is the Co-Creator of Scrum and was a signer of the Agile Manifesto, which marked the start of the Agile movement. He has served as VP of Engineering or CTO at eleven software companies, managing the last seven entirely using Scrum, and achieved industry-leading, hyper-productive results. At the GOTO Night Jeff Sutherland will share his experience and answer questions from the audience.

Silvana Wasitova: Introducing Scrum in an Enterprise

It’s one thing to adopt Scrum practices in a small company, and another to do so in a large enterprise with established rules and practices. Silvana Wasitova has been part of two large-scale Scrum introductions at enterprise level, the second time in the role of Agile and Scrum Coach who helped guide the activities and decisions. At the GOTO Night she will share tips distilled from those experiences: Where to start? How? With whom?

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