Eclipse Xtend - The CoffeeScript for Java

SPEAKER: Sven Efftinge, itemis Schweiz GmbH

Xtend is a programming language developed at which compiles into readable Java source code. It reuses Java's keywords, terminology and concepts as much as possible, but abandons the dead freight at the same time.

Xtend is a powerful alternative for implementing Java classes and works great with all the existing libraries, such as JavaFX, GWT, or Android. Since the language can be seen as a little complementary add-on to Java, it offers many modern language features that you are currently missing in your daily work. Xtend comes with a variety of goodies reaching from type inference over closures and extension methods up to smart string interpolation that make development great fun, again. And of course there is powerful Eclipse IDE integration available. In this session I will demonstrate why Xtend is so great for everyday programming. You will get an in-depth impression of the seamless integration with the Eclipse Java IDE and you'll learn about Xtend's expressiveness and conciseness.

LEVEL OF TALK: Intermediate
LANGUAGE: Talk: de / Slides: en

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