Getting started with Calabash iOS

Calabash is a new open-source technology for automated functional testing of Android and iOS apps. Calabashcombines advanced automation technology with the Cucumber tool. Developers or QA staff can write executabletests that closely match the use cases for the app. Tests are written in a natural language close to the application business domain, and the cucumber tool can execute those tests on Android or iOS devices or simulators.

This talk will introduce Calabash and LessPainful, which provides test execution as a service. The LessPainful test service runs Calabash tests concurrently on many physical, non-jailbroken devices running various languages and operating system versions. After the talk we will do a hands-on setup and getting-started session. Bring your laptop and iPhone or iPad project, and we'll give you a head start with Calabash. We'll also show you how easy it is to test your app using the LessPainful service.

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