A wonderful evening of Go (and pizza!)

Dear fellow zhgeeks,

welcome back from the summer break! I am very happy to announce that we are finally having our follow-up golang [1] event.

Francesc Campoy Flores, who is a Go Developer Programs Engineer [2] is coming to town and inviting you to a wonderful evening of Go!

He will give us a brief introduction of the project and its status (release of version 1, current focus of development etc.)

After that there will be plenty of opportunity for hacking some golang code. You will have the chance to learn/use many features of the language by solving little interesting problems.

So bring your laptops and don't forget to install the Go tools [3] beforehand!

We are organizing this event together with GDG Zürich [4] and they were gracious enough to sponsor the pizza :-)

[1] http://golang.org/

[2] https://plus.google.com/s/Francesc%20Campoy%20Flores

[3] http://golang.org/doc/install

[4] https://plus.google.com/117715978948849333403/posts

2 people are attending this meetup

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