NoSQL Roadshow in Basel, 30 of August 2012

The title of the Roadshow is "NoSQL and Highly Scalable Systems - The Theory, The Practice and the Case Studies" and will be presented by Matt Aslett, Pavlo Baron, Marcus Kern, David Dawson, Ian Plosker, Patrick Baumgartner, Christian Gügi, Jean-Pierre Koenig and Joern Larsen. Facing the needs of our participants we have broaden our programme: beside subjects around RIAK we will have some talks about Hadoop and MongoDB! Moreover, some of our speakers update and enrich their presentations: Patrick Baumgartner is going to focus on spring data and Neo4j, Pavlo Baron will introduce the Dynamo concepts and also explain them in technical depth. Whole event will give you the broad view of NoSQL scene.

Price: CHF 100

1 person is attending this meetup

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