Future of web applications; Why CoffeeScript; Storify and NodeJS

First meetup after Summer holidays, we have an international program for you: speakers are coming from Poland, Romania and Belgium.

1/ Mariusz Nowak (from Poland): "Future of web applications, where client doesn't need server"

Today's common web applications depend a lot on server-side but now many of server-side tasks can also be done on client-side.

In his presentation, Mariusz will show how with modern technologies we can build web applications that can live fully on client-side (even without server connection). He will also describe some concepts which allows to write them efficiently reusing same JavaScript code on both server and client side.

This gonna be impressive, be warned.

About Mariusz Nowak

Mariusz since his first steps in a world of programming focused on development for web. Coming through many popular languages and frameworks, he finally settled with JavaScript and currently develops applications fully with JavaScript for both client and server-side (Node.js). A lot of his work is open source and can be found on his github account (nick: medikoo).

2/ Mihai Nicola (from Romania): "CoffeeScript, or how I stop worrying and enjoy reading code"

CoffeeScript is a little language that compiles into JavaScript. Underneath all those awkward braces and semicolons, JavaScript has always had a gorgeous object model at its heart. CoffeeScript is an attempt to expose the good parts of JavaScript in a simple way. We alsmost all know that CoffeeScript exists, but we do not all practice it, we even sometimes fear it. Mihai will talk about the benefits of switching to CoffeeScript. He will talk about his personal experience at Blink IT Solutions, the company he setup in Bucharest.

About Mihai Nicola

Microsoft developer and architect at the base, passing for a couple of years into Java realm and then returning to Microsoft solutions, to finally evolve into an major enthusiast of web technologies, Mihai is the head of a very young company called Blink IT Solutions where together with his team is spending enjoyable time using tools like Backbone, RequireJs, CoffeeScript, Sass with Compass to build high quality web applications for his clients

3/ Frederic Jacobs (from Belgium): "Storify and NodeJS"

Frederic will give an overview of the technology stack used at Storify which was an early adopter of NodeJS. He will also highlight a few tips and tricks that helped the scaling of the website to handle the millions of page views they are delivering on a monthly basis.

About Frederic Jacobs

Frederic is studying at EPFL and works at Storify. His main area of expertise is iOS development but likes learning new stuff while playing with other parts of the stack.

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