Software Ergonomics Talk

Building a User Observatory: From ethnographic insights to effective recommendations

Valérie Bauwens, Swisscom

“It has been nine years since I last heard a statement like this: “Users’ opinions don’t matter. They don’t know what they want, anyway. Let’s just throw the technology on the market and check the reaction.” This is how Valérie started the article she just published in Interactions magazine ( This article will be the red thread of her talk on November 25th.

As User Researchers, we all face the same recurring challenge. We do not only have to establish and maintain our field of competence within a corporate environment, but also to continuously make sure that we are central interlocutors in main decision processes. Valérie would like to share with you her 9 years of experience of settling a User Observatory within Swisscom. She especially would like to take this opportunity to hear your experiences on how you made your user insights actionable and widely used within corporate environments. Looking forward to meeting you all.

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