1st Swiss OpenStack user group meeting

I am very happy to announce that -- together with our friends from ICCLab (http://www.cloudcomp.ch/) -- we will be hosting the very first Swiss OpenStack user group meeting! In addition to Tim Bell there will be a number of other speakers who will present on various OpenStack topics.

Please stay tuned -- we will inform you as the big event draws closer and the agenda takes shape!

Please note also that the meeting was rescheduled to 15-Nov-2012.


Fresh on the heels of the OpenStack summit [1] Tim Bell [2] is paying us a visit here in Zürich! He will be talking about OpenStack/puppet usage at CERN and about the summit and where he sees the next OpenStack release going.

Along with running the Infrastructure team at CERN, Tim is a member of the OpenStack foundation management board and one of the main drivers of the OpenStack-based IaaS needed to analyse the 25PB of data a year from the LHC [4]

[1] http://www.openstack.org/summit/san-diego-2012/

[2] http://profiles.web.cern.ch/373741

[4] http://lhc-machine-outreach.web.cern.ch/lhc-machine-outreach/

7 people are attending this meetup

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