Developing and Managing Your Mobile Applications Using IBM Worklight

Get hands on experience with IBM Worklight and receive an open, comprehensive and advanced mobile application platform for Smartphones and tablets. Learn how to use IBM Worklight to create secure, appealing, cross-platform mobile apps without the use of code translation or proprietary interpreters, while reducing the time to market, cost and complexity of development, and enabling a better use experience across a variety of mobile devices. In this hands-on class, you will quickly write your first "Hello World app“ and optimize it for 2 different phone OS environments. You will then move on to server-side adapters, do adapter development and learn how to Invoke Adapter Procedures from Client Applications. Finally, you will develop a Dojo mobile WebApp. During the 2 day class version, the participants will also practice more client-side UI development aspects such as common controls and client side debugging, as well as security and authentication mechanisms, application version management and direct update functionality.

This event will highlight the following:

Learn how IBM brings together key mobile capabilities into a single integrated package that addresses the full array of challenges and opportunities including mobile application development, application connectivity and application management.

Learn to use IBM Worklight to develop, test and deploy cross-platform mobile applications.

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