Web Testing with Selenium

TALK 1: Selenium, the cure for Mercury poisoning

SPEAKER: Michael Palotas COMPANY: eBay International

Test automation is an increasingly important part of the software development and test lifecycle in today's software industry. Reliable test automation is one of the key enablers for agile development, continuous delivery and a generally higher software quality.

Many companies have failed implementing (E2E) test automation properly due to the use of capture & replay / drag & drop tools which almost always result in unmanageable high maintenance efforts. The Selenium Tool family is an open source toolset which allows for highly scalable browser automation tests in a web environment by using a programming language of your choice to write the tests. Selenium/Webdriver is quickly becoming the standard tool in many companies around the globe due to its flexibility, cost effectiveness and wide support for all major browsers.

This presentation will show how eBay and Credit Suisse have approached the use of Selenium 2/Webdriver in combination with Selenium GRID to build a highly scaled test automation solution. It will also showcase the integration of mobile automation for Android and iOS into eBay's existing Selenium GRID. Aside from the technical details, this presentation will also illustrate how using open source software in organizations can act as a big driver for innovation.

LEVEL OF TALK: Intermediate LANGUAGE: Talk: en / Slides: en

TALK 2: Page Object Pattern and how to use selenium

SPEAKER: Michel Racic COMPANY: Credit Suisse

You will be given a demo AUT (Application under test) and requirements with corresponding test cases as well as a skeleton project to get you started with Selenium. Your mission will be to automate the tests without writing duplicate code and future proofing with regards to maintainability. You will be guided through the process of creating the page objects interfaces, building the test cases from them, implementing the page objects itself and debug / maintain after changes in the AUT. Finally you will be able to write functional tests for your Web-Application while ensuring maintainability and scalability. With parallel execution and nightly run, we can say mission accomplished and one more well tested application with less bugs and happier customers. Please bring your laptop with you, I will provide you a Ubuntu VM image with InteliJ Idea, Jetty running the AUT as well as all code files and dependent libraries.

LEVEL OF TALK: Intermediate LANGUAGE: Talk: en / Slides: en

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