MoMo #33: The Mobile Enterprise

The current intersection between Mobile, Big Data and Cloud is driving a huge and fundamental change in the way individuals and businesses alike acquire, use, create and share knowledge, do business, build relationships and gain competitive advantages in the market.

Smartphones, tablets and apps initially took off as a consumer driven revolution just a few years ago, but recent trends such as Consumerization of IT and BYOD is rapidly and fundamentally changing how information workers use business information. It allows business to be conducted in real time and where it matters most – in front of customers.

The deployment of mobile projects in businesses and organizations of all types and sizes is accelerating at an ever increasing rate, and the global innovation and creativity is now in full force developing new tools and solutions addressing this growing opportunity, and helping to solve the needs and the challenges of The Mobile Enterprise.

Please join us on October 29 for the Mobile Monday Switzerland session focusing on The Mobile Enterprise, and meet some leading edge companies and organizations delivering mobilized business value today!