Coders Only Zurich - Coders Weekly #21

IMPORTANT: Global Day of Coderetreat 2012 on December 8th also happens in Zurich - register here!

Coders Weekly is a regular gathering of programmers in Zurich interested in honing their craft. It takes place at Cafe Bar Pluesch every Thursday evening. There you can...

  • write real code for, like, actual projects that you may have
  • write unreal code for, like, coding dojos, katas and stuff
  • talk about code, for, like, ever
  • drink just about anything while writing code or talking about it
  • enjoy some decent tunes as backdrop to all this writing and talking
  • just have a really good, honest, geeked-out time

So come around, will you?

PS: please follow @CodersOnly_ZRH for any last minute announcements.

2 people are attending this meetup

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