Building truly cross platform game with playn

Using GWT to build a game that can run almost anywhere.

SPEAKER: Erik Jan de Wit COMPANY: Canoo Engineering AG

In the beginning of the computer era it was still 'doable' to create a game single handed, but now a days you need a team of developers, designers and testers and years of patience to create something that competes. With the introduction of small mobile devices we can create games again, because these devices are a lot less powerful like our old machines. When we write a game we want them to run on as many different devices as we can. With playn we can write a core java game that will run on may different platforms (android, ios, web and desktop) in this presentation I'm going to show you what playn is all about and even write a little game in the process.

LEVEL OF TALK: Intermediate<br /> LANGUAGE: Talk: en / Slides: en

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