Global Day of Coderetreat 2012 at CERN

What will be going on at Code Retreat?

We'll start the day with a short keynote regarding the day. We'll begin a session by splitting into pairs and begin to implement Conway's Game of Life using test-driven development techniques in the language of the pair's choice. Pairs will work for approximately 45 minutes. Sessions will end by each team deleting their code, and we'll discuss lessons that we've learned and ideas as a group. We'll repeat this process with a lunch break around noon in the CERN canteen. The facilitator may issue a challenge for a session to try to get attendees to try something new or think out of the box. We'll end the day by discussing answering three easy questions individually (What was your biggest surprise of the day? What did you learn? What will you do differently on Monday?) and discussing as a group.

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