GOTO Night: Scrum;

Jeff Sutherland, CO-Founder of Scrum

As usual Jeff will be attending the GOTO Night. You'll have the possibility to ask questions and discuss ideas and challenges you experienced while implementing or using Scrum.

Rune Lippert: Expanding Scrum at JyllandsPosten

Rune is back again with an update on the Scrum efforts at the leading Danish media group JyllandsPosten: ‘After a long process implementing Scrum in a distributed team, we regrouped in the summer of 2011, and restarted a new team. We started following the scrum guidelines to the letter, and it was a great success, so great that in the summer of 2012, we added new teams to the mix. Since then we’ve found that teams adapt to scrum very differently and that your abilities as a ScrumMaster is continuously tested in new ways.’

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