XPages Workshop

As a Lotus Domino application developer, have you found it challenging to build compelling Web applications? Do you need to build attractive, modern Web applications that use Web 2.0 technologies in an easy-to-use development environment?

XPages allows you to easily create Web 2.0 user experiences in existing applications. It is an integrated addition to the Lotus Domino Web developers' toolkit of technologies. XPages do for developers what Lotus Notes 8.0 did for users.

This course focuses on the fundamentals you need to begin building applications using XPages. You will learn how the latest XPages improvements build on the breakthrough innovation started in Lotus Notes 8 and Lotus Domino 8, how to build applications quicker, and how to reuse existing assets as business needs evolve. Through hands-on exercises, you will see how server-managed provisioning works, how to develop a series of XPages applications, and how to incorporate sidebar, widgets, and Lotus Notes plug-ins in your deployments.

In this training, you act as a technical troubleshooter. To get the most out of this training, you should:

* Complete the hands-on exercises that mimic the real world, requiring decision making and trial and error
* Encounter errors or other unexpected issues that further prepare you for your work with this product
* Apply and develop your research skills and familiarity with the product documentation and other important information resources

This workshop is offered in three formats—classroom, self-paced, and virtual. All are no charge and cover the same content.

For the latest Agenda, visit the developerWorks Xpages Group: ibm.co/dwlotusxpages

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