Spring Framework 3.2 - What's New

SPEAKER: Sam Brannen COMPANY: Swiftmind

As the leading full-stack application framework for Java SE and EE, the Spring Framework continues to deliver significant benefits to Java developers, increasing development productivity and runtime performance while improving test coverage and application quality.

In this talk, core Spring Framework committer Sam Brannen will provide attendees an overview of the new features in Spring 3.2.

Spring Framework 3.2 builds on several themes delivered in 3.1 with a continued focus on asynchronous MVC processing with Servlet 3.0, support for using @Autowired and @Value as meta-annotations, support for custom @Bean definition annotations, and early support for JCache 0.5. Regarding the internals, CGLIB 3.0 and ASM 4.0 have been inlined, and the framework is now built with Gradle and hosted on GitHub. For those interested in testing their Spring-based web applications, Spring 3.2 offers new support for loading WebApplicationContexts in the TestContext framework, and the formerly standalone Spring MVC Test project is now included in the spring-test module, allowing for first-class testing of Spring MVC applications.

LEVEL OF TALK: Intermediate LANGUAGE: Talk: en / Slides: en

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