#3 Symfony UserGroup ZH

The talk will be a quick demo of the features, followed by a technical walkthrough by Yorkie and Roger.

init cms description

Every project has some content management needs, but most of them have custom use cases too. We wanted an efficient way to realize both needs in one project within the great symfony 2 framework. Our goal was to create a single starting point for an easy to use CMS that works on a standard ORM setup out of the box. That's why we created the init CMS bundle.

The init CMS gives symfony developers a ready to use solution for their projects. You get solid core functionality for content management workflows (Page-, Menu-, Content-, Role-, Permission-, Asset-Management, Content Types, Versioning Draft/Live, Editor/Publisher Workflow), a userfriendly designed backend and all the freedom to implement your custom use cases with the symfony 2 framework. Actually it is just a smart dwarf standig on the shoulder of giants. We leveraged the famous bundles of the symfony community (symfony, cmf initiative from liip, Knp, Sonata, Fos and many more).

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